Checklist: Finish a Ticket in HeRA

You have worked on a ticket and you are about to set it to fixed in this Trac. What do you need to do, before closing the ticket?

  1. Check, whether it compiles.
  2. Use FindBugs and scan findings. Solve the most important ones or write a new ticket.
  3. Check, whether all unit tests are green.
  4. Check, whether the ticket is solved by actually using HeRA. Attention: Use the most recent version of all relevant extensions.
  5. Run a ManualWalkthrough
  6. Refactor!
  7. Check, whether all unit tests are green.
  8. Increase the version numbers of extensions that you have changed (?)
  9. (Collect metrics in hera.meta spreadsheet)
  10. Checkin. Use "fixed #<No>" as svn comment, where No is ticket number

Have a look at FinishMileStoneChecklist.