Older News

September 2009

  • Due to instability of some extensions we decided against using HeRA in our upcoming student's projects. Nevertheless, we will continue to develop HeRA and even intensify our efforts.

August 2009

http://reqmon.cis.gsu.edu/RE09/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=N4CUomPY2%2fk%3d&tabid=80&mid=433 Meet us at
 RE 2009
in Atlanta, USA

July 2009

  • New Release We just finished the new milestone and provide a new version of HeRA for download. Since the ICSE-Presentation we mainly finished the internationalization and made several bugfixes. Find a survey of how we are doing in the CodeMetrics section.

June 2009

  • Project language: We decided to use english as project language, due to success at ICSE'09. Internationalization is important! Note that our main users are german and make all contributions work in that language first!
  • Versions of Extensions: HeRA Versions are composed of three parts (HeRACore currently has version 0.5.9). The first part gives the main version. Perhaps we dare to write a 1 here for the core component soon. The second part is increased with each milestone, the Component was referenced in. The third part should be increased with each ticket.

Extensions that are created during students thesis' should have version 0.1.0 in the submitted version.

May 2009

  • New Developer: We welcome Qi Wang in the core HeRA developer team.

Very Old News