Use Case


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We tried to have Actor as an Entity. This does not work too well (see #240, #256): We use the Actor in the stakeholder table, in the scenario steps, and in use case as main actor. I see two different user scenarios:

  1. Refactor: Rename Actor. The user wants to change all occurrences of actor. In this case, it would be good, if this was the same Object in all places.
  2. Change Actor: The user figures that it should not be actor xy who does a given action. If the user changes the actor in the scenario table, from xy to z, this change should *not* include the actor xy in the stakeholder table or the main actor (if it was xy).

I think it would be in the spirit of HeRA to allow changing everything. Refactoring should be a special command. Inconsistent use of actors should not be prohibited but discussed by HeRA's critiques. Thus, there is no need to have a Actor-Concept. We should really separate stakeholders and actors. Both should be merely strings.

Still, we could have support for the user, such as autocompletion. This would suggest to the user that the actors should be from the group of stakeholders and vice versa.