Download HeRA

HeRA is a research prototype. We think that it should work and regularly use it ourselves. But we cannot give any guarantee. Try it on your own risk!

Please contact Eric Knauss for the password!

Version: October10-Release

In this version, we fixed most of the known issues.

Edit: Obviously, we have a disfunctional bugreporting feature in hera-0.7 (see #241). There are two quickfixes:

  • change username from hera.bugreport to hera and submit bug
  • download hera.bugreport.jar and put it into <hera-install-dir>/libs (replace old version)

Edit: I replaced the version from yesterday by a slightly improved distribution. Version of hera.core is 0.7 (see Info in HeRA). In contrast to version 0.6.6, we have the following changes:

  • start with the critique-system in the lower right corner (as opposed to glossary-support)
  • added some general tips and tricks to the critique-system

Hint: Press Ctrl+U to create your first UseCase and start working!

Version: July09-Release

This version has some serious bugs. It is not useful. We provide this version here for demonstration purposes only. Please try the ICSE-Version below for slightly more stability.

Version: ICSE'09

The version we demonstrated at ICSE'09, Vancouver, CA:  HeRA@ICSE'09